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Pandemic Safety Certification

Pandemic Safety Certification

The “SAFE FOR YOU” certification program was created under the Bureau of Tourism’s National Tourism Regulations for Pandemic Safety Certification which requires tourism-related businesses in the Republic of Palau to be certified in order to service visitors during a pandemic.

The tourism-related businesses that are being targeted in this program are accommodation providers, restaurants, tour operators (both public and private, i.e. state governments included), boat owners, retail/wholesale vendors, spas, and massage-therapeutic establishments.The purpose of this program is to mitigate health risk for visitors and locals and to ensure Palau remains a safe and responsible tourism destination. Safe For You businesses are indicated below.


Dophin Bay Resort
Etpison Museum

Cleaning Service

Palau Ocean Services


Surangel's Construction Company


Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in the ROP

Boat Charter Services

Emul Boat Rental
FY Tour
Glib Tmetuchl Boat Rental
Hence Takawo Boat Rental
Henry's Boat Rental
Island Charter 9
Joel's Boat Rental
Jones Hosei Boat Rental
JR Boat Rental
KIR Boat Rental
KOA's Tour and Boat Rental
L.K. Boat Rental
Mokko Island Boat Rental
Naomi's Boat Rental
Oni's Boat Rental
P.O. Boat Rental
PAC Boat Rental
Pier 7 Charters
PTC Boat Rental (Kemba)
Ramm Dream Catcher Boats
Tommy Ngirbedul (Aqua Charter)
Wade Boat Rental
Yolt's Boat Rental
Young Man's Boat Rental

Food & Beverage Services

Airai Water Paradise Restaurant
Anthias Kitchen
Authentic Chinese Restaurant
B's Izakaya
Bubble Tea Shop
Carp Restaurant
China Kitchen
Coffee Berry
Dumpling Restaurant
Edee's Healthy Foods
Emaimelei Restaurant I
Emaimelei Restaurant II
FC Restaurant
King Palace
Kramers Bar & Restaurant
Kumangai Bakery
Landmark Hotel Restaurant
Longshoremen Restaurant
M&A Riverside Restaurant
Marina Cafe Vita
MJ Restaurant
Okemii Deli & Cafe
Parez Bar & Grill
Penthouse Hotel Restaurant
Seafood Aristocrat Restaurant
Side Street Cafe
Surangel's Refresher Island
Suriyothai Restaurant
Sushi Bar Mito
Tai-Yo Restaurant
Wahoo Restaurant
West Deli and Bakery - Delicatessen
Yano's Market
Zhyree's Sweets

Government Agency

Aimeliik State
Airai State Gov't
Koror State Government
Ngarchelong State Gov't
Ngardmau State Government
Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC)
Peleliu State Government

Health & Beauty Services

Anthias Body Care
Asian Therapeutic Massage
Elilai Spa (PPR)
Health Service Center Massage
Island Beauty Clinic
Island Beauty Massage
Mandara Spa (PRR)
Melusch-Dil Beauty Shop
Salon De Eliza
Yrang's Beauty Salon

Mailing Services

DHL Express


Tia Belau


WestCare Pacific Islands, Inc.

Night club

Club Zeus

Printing Shop

Ksau's Imaging Zone

Space Rental

Orakiruu Corporation

Travel Agency

Surangel's Worldwide Travel

Video & Photo Services

TBS Tours & Production


Ben Franklin Department Store
Globus Palau
Ksau’s Motors / Mason’s Mercury Marine
Mason's Hardware Do it center
Midtown Gas station (Did era Ngmatl)
Orakiruu Corporation DBA Computers Plus
Orakiruu Professional Building
Over Drive
Palau 7th Wonder Wholesale
Palau Curtain & General Merchandise
Palau Investment Development Co. (PIDC)
RAW Surf & Dive Shop
Surangel & Sons Company
Surangel's Department Store
Topside Mobil Gas station
Traveler Palau
WCTC Ace Hardware
WCTC Athletes Foot
WCTC Auto Repair Shop
WCTC Bargain Center
WCTC Furniture Mart
WCTC Grocery Store
WCTC Main Office
WCTC Mobil Mart
WCTC Pick N Save
WCTC West Office Supplies
WCTC West Printing
Yrang's Home Furnishings

Tour Operator

Aqua Magic Palau
Belau Dive Center
FUN Palau
Fun Palau Holiday
Homark Tour
I love Palau
KB Tour
Long Rainbow Happy Tour
MK Land Tour
Pacific Mission Aviation Palau
Palau Diving Center (Carp)
Palau Int'l Tour
Palau Pacific International Tour (PPIT)
Palau Safety Int'l Tour
Palau Transportation Co.
Rock Island Kayak Expedition
Rur Giftshop
Rur Restaurant
Ryoma Liveaboard (Daydream)
Sea World Dive Center
Smile Air
U.B.D.I - Rock Island Tour Company

Transportation Services

Hot Wheels Palau (same office as Ksau's Imaging)
IR Motors
National, Alamo, Enterprise Rent a Car
Palau Investment Development Co. - CAR RENTAL
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