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Excellent customer care, personalized attention, and professional service has made SAM'S TOURS Palau's premier dive center. A PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Center, Sam's Tours has earned countless Scuba Diving Magazine Reader's Choice Awards, Trip Advisor's Certificate of Excellence and Hall of Fame honors. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff leads daily dive tours for divers of all skills, and our non-diving tours such as kayak, hiking, and land tours are a fun way to learn about Palau's rich history, culture, and biodiversity. Sam's Tours is located in Malakal in Koror, just 30 minutes from Koror Airport and 10 minutes from the city center. We provide complimentary shuttles between hotels in Koror and our dive center (5-15 minutes). Sam's Tours also has its own Bottom Time Bar & Grill, where divers can chill at the end of their day with magnificent views of the Rock Islands and spectacular sunsets.


Palau is considered one of the world's premier dive destinations, with dozens of dive sites in a rare variety: walls with fascinating coral formations, reef corners where the currents attract sharks, rays and schooling fish, channels and other sandy bottom sites, tunnels, holes, caves and caverns, and plenty of WWII freighter and plane wrecks! From macro to wide-angle creatures, Palau has it all!

As a PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Center, Sam's Tours’ team of PADI Dive Professionals offer unparalleled dive experiences to everyone, from newly-certified divers to well-travelled, experienced divers. Our guides are attentive, and focused on your safety underwater, but above all, we ensure you have FUN while exploring Palau's magnificent reefs and biologically diverse environment.

Spawning Expeditions

Unique Dive Expeditions (UDE) is Sam's Tours's latest premium dive product. Based on the monthly lunar cycles, Unique Dive Expeditions offers once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to witness the aggregation and spawning of various species, such as the Red Snappers (Lutjanus bohar), Bumphead Parrot Fish (Bolbometopon muricatum), and Blue Lined Sea Bream (Symphorichthys spilurus). These spectacular spawning events usually attract Palau's biggest predators as well. Take advantage and dive in a small and flexible group (maximum 7 divers), which enables us to show you the full potential of these exceptional dive sites.

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Blackwater Night Dive

The Unique Dive Expeditions team pioneered Black Water diving in Palau, and what they've witnessed are truly remarkable. From post-larval fish of many different species to cephalopods, jellyfish and crustaceans, most of the pelagic creatures that arise from the depth are smaller than the smallest coin in your pocket!


There is no better way to explore Palau's Rock Islands Southern Lagoon than paddling through them! The UNESCO World Heritage Site covers over 100,000 hectares and 445 uninhabited islands, and sustains a large diversity of plants, birds and marine life. Sam's Tours offers nature lovers, young and old, novices to experienced paddlers, the chance to experience the beauty and serenity of the Rock Islands through four signature Kayak Day Tours: Risong Bay, Nikko Bay, Tarzan Bay and Long Lake.


Join our Rock Island snorkeling tour, cruising through the picture perfect fascinating geological formations; put on your mask and snorkel and enjoy the rich underwater life, colorful corals, small reef fish, napoleon wrasse, sharks and more; visit a natural island spa in the Milky Way, where dissolved limestone offer visitors a natural skin scrub even the most luxurious beauty salon cannot deliver; swim with thousands of jellyfish in the world renowned Jelly Fish Lake, home to over a million stingless golden Jellyfish in a closed eco-system; enjoy your lunch at one of the white sand beaches and let our guides tell you all about the diversity of plants and birds of the Rock Islands.


Sam's Tours island hiking tours offer a unique opportunity to experience the exceptional historical and biological value of Palau, while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Rock Islands. The German Lighthouse tour focuses on the unique biological environment of Palau, with a hike to the tallest point in the Rock Islands, where an old lighthouse and cannons are situated. This tour offers exceptional birding opportunities, as well as the chance to learn about the strategic role that the German Lighthouse played in Palau in WWII. The Ulong Island tour takes guests to visit one of islands that earned Palau the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site for the archaeological remains and rock art still found on the island belonging to the first settlers of Palau.


Babeldaob Land Tour

Our land tours take visitors on a journey into Palau’s culture and modern history by visiting Babeldaob, Palau's largest and only volcanic island. There, we show visitors WWII relics and ancient Palauan remains, visit a Bai (traditional men-meeting house), hike the Japanese Bauxite mining area at Ngardmau waterfall, and visit the modern capitol building and stone monoliths at the north tip of the island, while offering phenomenal views.

Half-Day City Tour

For those who have only half a day to spare, we take visitors to explore Koror, Palau’s former capital and which still is Palau’s commercial center, to learn about Palau’s history and culture at the museum, its biodiversity at the aquarium and clam farms.

Peleliu WWII Land Tour

For history buffs, our WWII Historical Tour at Peleliu is a MUST-GO! During WWII, Palau was the focal point of a fierce battlefield between the US and Japan, and Peleliu Island was the scene of one of the Pacific's bloodiest battles when U.S. Marines made an amphibious assault on the beaches in 1944 to liberate the island from Japanese forces. Due to its historical significance, the U.S. Department of Interior designated Peleliu as a National Historic Landmark in 1985.

Join our guided full-day or half-day WWII History Tour on Peleliu island, to see the remnants of a Japanese headquarter buildings, gun emplacements, tanks, planes and weapons scattered around the island. Visit the infamous Thousand Man Cave, an incredible cave system used by the Japanese soldiers for hiding. The tour includes a visit to the Museum, where many personal items of Japanese and American soldiers who died in the war are enshrined.

Excellent customer care, personalized attention, and professional service has made SAM'S TOURS Palau's premier dive center. A PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Center, Sam's Tours has earned countless Scuba Diving Magazine Reader's Choice Awards, Trip Advisor's Certificate of Excellence and Hall of Fame honors.

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