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Nestled in the western Pacific Ocean, southwest of Guam, is a cluster of islands that make up this Pristine Paradise.

Palau, also known as Belau, is a Pacific Island nation made up of 300+ islands and is part of the region of Micronesia
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We welcome you with open arms to experience our island home! 

Traveling to a remote island paradise like Palau
may take a few stops, but it’s surely worth
the memories you’ll take with you!

United Airlines operate on a weekly basis to Palau,
flying 6x a week. You can fly via Guam or via Manila!
China Airlines is scheduled to fly to Palau via Taiwan
on August 6, 27, 31, 2022.

As you embark on your journey through Palau, you'll find yourself captivated not only by its breathtaking natural wonders but also by the dynamic and enduring spirit of its people. 

Getting to Palau may not be the easiest for some, but oh the memories you’ll take with you.

United Airlines operates on a weekly basis to Palau. Book your flight through United Airlines!

Route 1
USA Mainland --- Honolulu (7.45H) ---- Guam (2H)---- PALAU

Route 2
Manila--(3H)-- PALAU
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Dive Palau

Where divers can have it all, Palau is and will be a destination for those who want to experience the wild side of nature, one of the most amazing adventures you will find underwater today.
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Beyond the Dive

Palau is an archipelago of diverse terrain, flora and fauna. Witness the beauty and history of Palau above water.
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Feel the warm embrace of Palauan Culture and our People
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Palau Entry Requirements

More Info
Palau is open and safe for you! For more information on how you can vacation in this Pristine Paradise see our Travel Entry Requirements page for the latest travel updates.

Getting here!

( ROR )
United Airlines - Every day except Sunday
China Airlines - Every Wednesday, Saturday
Air Nugini - Every Tuesday
Nauru Airlines - Every Friday & Saturday
Alii Palau - Every Thursday (Direct Flight from Singapore)
Other Chartered Flights
Cambodia Airways, Sky Angkor, Lanmei 
(visit for flight schedule)

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