Nestled in the western Pacific Ocean, southwest of Guam, is a cluster of islands that make up this Pristine Paradise.

Palau, also known as Belau, is a Pacific Island nation made up of 300+ islands and is part of the region of Micronesia

Palau is a world-renowned premier diving destination and a destination leading in sustainable tourism! What can you experience in Palau?

Getting Here

Traveling to a remote island paradise like Palau
may take a few stops, but it’s surely worth
the memories you’ll take with you!

United Airlines operate on a weekly basis to Palau,
flying 6x a week. You can fly via Guam or via Manila!
China Airlines is scheduled to fly to Palau via Taiwan
on August 6, 27, 31, 2022.

Getting to Palau may not be the easiest for some, but oh the memories you’ll take with you.

United Airlines operates on a weekly basis to Palau. Book your flight through United Airlines!

Route 1
USA Mainland --- Honolulu (7.45H) ---- Guam (2H)---- PALAU

Route 2
Manila--(3H)-- PALAU
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Palau Entry Requirements (Travel Guide)

Palau is open and safe for you! For more information on how you can vacation in this Pristine Paradise see our Health & Safety page for the latest travel requirements.
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We’re going paperless! On June 1st, we will launch the Palau ONLINE Entry Form! Making one’s travel experience super easy and convenient. #visitpalau 😍🍃

How to fill the form? Visit (Available on June 1st)

Palau beyond the dive! Go for a cruise around the island of Babeldaob😍 Learn the incredibly rich history, visit cultural treasures and savor the scenic views of the island!

Approximately 75% of Palau is covered in native forest and mangroves that are home to various endemic plants and faunas!

Babeldaob is the largest island of Palau and consists of 10 states Airai, Aimeliik, Ngeremlengui, Ngarchelong, Ngchesar, Melekeok, Ngiwal, Ngaraard, Ngardmau and Ngatpang! #visitpalau

A true haven for those passionate about exploring the depths of the ocean! Palau will undoubtedly leave any diver in awe #visitpalau #divepalau

Underwater shots by: @jessealpert

This little beach explorer has found the ultimate spot to soak up the sun and sea - kicking back in style on a seaside hammock. Photo Courtesy - @katkaruncakova 😍 #visitpalau #pristineparadise #palau ...

Located in downtown Koror near the Palau Aquarium you can find Belau Eco Glass! It’s a glass crafting center using recycled glass materials to produce glass crafted products - from eccentric vases, cups, chopstick rests, to earrings! You can visit their art gallery and purchase their work or craft your own! For more information on this you can email [email protected] or comment below! #visitpalau #pristineparadise #palau #ecofriendly #recycling ...

Few places on earth can match the astonishing natural beauty of Palau! A prism of colorful coral reefs and virtually limitless variety of sea life set the stage in this pristine paradise.
📍Siae’s Tunnel! #divepalau #visitpalau

“Palau, you have my heart. This island nation treasures its unique and thriving ecosystems. It lets nature lead the way. And this is just above the surface!” - @gabriellegrip 🤍🤍 #visitpalau #divepalau #pristineparadise #palau ...

Just a regular day in the islands of Palau 😮‍💨 this one’s for all the #oceanlovers out there #divepalau #visitpalau #pacificislands #oceania #divingislife #marineprotectedarea #worldsfirstsharksanctuary ...

So blue 😍🌊 #visitpalau #kayangel #pristineparadise #palau #oceania #micronesia #travel #bluestwater ...

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