Nestled in the western Pacific Ocean, southwest of Guam, is a cluster of islands that make up this Pristine Paradise.

Palau, also known as Belau, is a Pacific Island nation made up of 300+ islands and is part of the region of Micronesia

Palau is a world-renowned premier diving destination and a destination leading in sustainable tourism! What can you experience in Palau?

How to #VisitPalau?

Getting to Palau may not be the easiest for some, but oh the memories you’ll take with you.

United Airlines operates on a weekly basis to Palau. Book your flight through United Airlines!

Route 1
USA Mainland --- Honolulu (7.45H) ---- Guam (2H)---- PALAU

Route 2
Manila--(3H)-- PALAU
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Palau Entry Requirements (Travel Guide)

Palau is open and safe for you! For more information on how you can vacation in this Pristine Paradise see our Health & Safety page for the latest travel requirements.
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