Travelers Tips

Traveler Tips

Location and Geographic Description

7° 30′ North Latitude, 133° 30′ East Longitude



Official Languages

English is spoken widely and Palauan is a fun language to learn. Many service providers speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese or Japanese.

Time Zone

When it’s Noon Monday in Palau, it is:

  • Manila 11:00 A.M. Monday
  • Tokyo 12:00 P.M. Monday
  • Sydney 1:00 P.M. Monday
  • Honolulu 5:00 P.M. Sunday
  • Los Angeles 7:00 P.M. Sunday


Palau enjoys a pleasantly warm climate all year round with an annual mean temperature of 82° degrees F. (27° C.). Rainfall can occur throughout the year, and the annual average is 150 inches. The average relative humidity is 82%, and although rain falls more frequently between July and October, there is still much sunshine. Typhoons are rare as Palau is located outside the typhoon zone.

Pack for the Island Life

Palau's climate is like a big warm hug that lasts all year round. Palau has an average temperature of 82° Fahrenheit (27° Celsius). Whether you're feeling beachy or breezy, Palau is the perfect place to let your island casual flag fly. But don't forget to pack your stylish sunglasses, a snazzy hat, or a trusty waterproof jacket, because even in paradise, you never know when the weather might decide to play a little trick on you.

Pack a Reef-Safe Sunscreen

We're all about protecting our pristine reefs and marine life!

On January 1st, 2020 Palau became the first country to ban sunscreen that is known or suspected to be reef-toxic. Only mineral sunscreens that exclusively list zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide as their active ingredients and do not contain parabens, triclosan, trilocarban, or phenoxyethanol are allowed. All sunscreens manufactured by members of the Safe Sunscreen Council meet Palau’s sunscreen requirements.

Unsure about your sunscreen? You can always purchase right here on the island!

Currency & Credit Cards

The official currency of the Republic is the U.S. Dollar. Visa, JCB, and MasterCard are widely accepted at stores and visitor facilities though it's always wise to carry cash on hand.


Tipping is optional, but greatly appreciated.


Cruisin' through our charming towns and villages.. take it easy and enjoy the sights - no need to pass anyone. And don't forget, safety first - strap on your seatbelts!

Where to Stay and Getting Around

From the plush resorts to the cozy comfort of the bed and breakfasts, and everything in between, we've got you covered. And if you're looking for an underwater adventure, why not try one of our liveaboards for a diving vacation you'll never forget? But don't worry, you won't be stranded on a desert island - we've got plenty of transportation options to take you wherever your heart desires, including rental cars, taxi services, bus charters, domestic airlines, and even aerial tours for a bird's eye view of paradise!

Phone, Mobile and Internet Services

Palau offers good vibes and high-speed internet. Wifi Hotspots are found easily in Koror, just purchase an internet card and login! Always on the go and need to stay connected? Our SIM cards with data plans have got you covered, and you can even pick one up at local stores.

The Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC) offers nationwide mobile service, with 4G/3G coverage in Koror, Airai, Peleliu, Melekeok, Ngarchelong, Ngaremlengui, Ngatpang, and Ngchesar, and 3G/2G in other states.  Click here for mobile coverage map:

The network settings for PNCC’s mobile network are as follows:

  • 4G–LTE (Bands 3 & 28)
  • 3G–WCDMA (Bands 1 & 8)
  • 2G–GSM 900

4G Pocket WiFi rentals are also available through PNCC. Reserve your pocket WiFi online, and PNCC will deliver to your hotel:

For international roaming select 55201 or PLW01.

PNCC offers Visitor SIM cards for data-only service, sold at PNCC in Koror and Airai.

Prepaid PalauCel SIM cards with Airtime Cards provide text, local and long distance voice calls and data. Prepaid PalauCel SIM cards are sold at PNCC in Koror and Airai, and selected local vendors.

Use PNCC Prepaid Internet Cards to access Wi-Fi Hotspots throughout Koror and nationwide.

Airtime and Internet cards are sold at more than 100 locations and online at

Palau’s country code is 680. All calls within Palau are local calls. Call international long distance via prepaid PalauCel mobile service.

The international access code is 011. To place an international call:
Dial: 011 + country code + city routing or area code + local number

PNCC Operator (8am-9pm Monday-Friday, and 8am-5pm on weekends): dial “0” (from a local landline) or 587-9904 from a mobile number.

For more information, call PNCC at 680 488 9000 or e-mail to [email protected].
PNCC website: Other Internet providers in Palau are PalauTelecoms and Palau Wifi, which also have hotspots and internet cards throughout Koror.


Eco-Paradise FM, a government-owned radio station on 87.9FM (89.1FM in Babeldaob), and three privately-owned stations on island, WWFM, KRFM and PWFM, offer a variety of local Palauan and international music. PNCC Digital TV, operated by Palau
National Communications Corporation, offers a wide variety of channels including CNN, Fox News, BBC News, ESPN, and NHK, shown satellite direct 24 hours a day, as well as popular children’s programming like NICKELODEON and CARTOON NETWORK. There are two local newspapers, Island Times, and Tia Belau.


Palau is in Zone 9 of the U.S. Postal System, and U.S. domestic rates apply.

International mail is slightly higher. The post office is located on the main road in Koror, across from the Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC) office. Palau’s stamps are favored by collectors worldwide. Palau’s zip code is 96940, except for the Palau National Capitol in Ngerulmud, Melekeok, which is 96939

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