Palau Visitors Authority

Mission Statement

“We are committed to promote our heritage and the unique attractions of Palau through sustainable tourism development and the encouragement of responsible practices.”“A ki blak a rengmam loldubech e mengeluolu a klebelau ma klechibelau er kid lokiu a osengelel a klebekelel ma klungiolel Belau, lokiu omelemolem el tekoi er a klechedaol ma odbechel lokiu a ungil lulekerreu.”

About PVA

Palau’s first tourist office was established in 1972 under the Economic Development Office of the Trust Territory Government called Palau Tourism Commission. The Tourism Re-Organization Act of 1982 under Palau Public Law 1-49, ended the Tourism Commission and established the Palau Visitors Authority (PVA).

PVA is a semi-autonomous body created by law to promote and encourage the development and marketing of tourism as one of the primary economic sectors of the Republic.

PVA is composed of seven members of the board, appointed by the President, with consent of the Senate. Its primary responsibility is to develop policies and guidelines as a basis for PVA’s operational and marketing direction; it directs policies and work activities of the Authority through the Managing Director, who in turn directs the day to day activities of the organization.

The Board has another key responsibility in that it recommends to the President and the Congress passages of legislation pertaining to tourism. The PVA acts as a liaison between the tourism industry and the community, particularly the states, in accessing and encouraging the establishment of potential tourist sites and suitable activities for the purpose of spreading tourist traffic throughout Palau.

PVA is responsible for generating awareness about tourism to all segments of the community in Palau to ensure that the Palauan people understand what tourism is about, what it does, and how it effects our island nation.

Palau Visitors Authority Associates. Management and Overseas Representatives

Mailing Address and Telephone:

P.O. Box 256, Koror, Republic of Palau 96940
Tel: (680) 488-2793/1930
Fax: (680) 488-1453

General Inquiries:

General E-mail Address: [email protected]

Palau Visitors Authority Board of Directors, Operations and Associates

Board of Directors

Mr. Jackson Doktok


Ms. Jennifer Olegeriil

Vice Chairwoman

Mr. Des Matsutaro


Management and Staff

Mr. Kadoi Ruluked

Managing Director
[email protected]

Aiyumu Takada

Human Resources Manager
[email protected]

Judy Ann Sabino

Finance / Asset Manager
[email protected]

Sharrise Ngiraked

Strategic Planning Manager
[email protected]

Katarina Mad

State & Community Manager
[email protected]

Chloe Yano

Marketing & Programs Manager
[email protected]

Norma Etibek

Administrative Assistant
[email protected]

Jayjay Griarte

IT Specialist
[email protected]

Maria Paula Ngoriakl

Accountant Clerk
[email protected]

Geena Gerald

Strategic Analyst II
[email protected]

Shector Hector

Procurement Officer
[email protected]

Courtney Tellei

State Representative II
[email protected]

Mara Immanuel

State Representative I
[email protected]

Janine Tewid

Marketing Representative
[email protected]

Deshay Yobech

Customer Service Representative
[email protected]

Britney Leif

Data Entry Specialist
[email protected]

Ashea Rafael

Strategic Analyst I
[email protected]

Tibey Ongalibang

Digital Marketing Representative II
[email protected]
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