The Taj Palau

P.O Box 1948 Downtown, Koror
(680) 488-2227

When dining at the Taj Palau, you can enjoy your meal indoors, or, if you prefer something a little less formal, we can seat you at a table on our outdoor balcony where you can enjoy the great food and wonderful service in a less formal fashion.

The full-service bar offers standard well drinks and cocktails, specialty drinks, beer and wine. In addition to the standard selection of beer, we also carry Indian brands as well as Palau's locally brewed Red Rooster on tap. Our wine menu includes wines from California, Australia and New Zealand. We also carry a house wine. For the non-drinkers, we serve a variety of non-alcoholic beverages including virgin cocktails, traditional yogurt based drinks (lassis) and freshly brewed cappuccinos and espressos.

After your meal (or whenever) enjoy a hookah on our outdoor patio. We offer a wide selection of tobacco flavors including apple, banana and strawberry.

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