Phone Number: 680 488 5387

P.O. Box 10284, Koror, PW 96940

According to Trip Advisor Palau Dive Adventures is the top-rated Palau dive shop. We offer small, flexible, flawlessly organized scuba diving adventures in Palau. You choose the dive spots you want to see, and we take care of everything else.

For 5 Glorious Days Scuba Diving in Palau, You Won’t Lift a Finger… The Hardest Part of Your Day Will Be Rolling Off the Boat.

At Palau Dive Adventures, we make it our mission to spoil you from the moment your plane touches down to the moment it takes off for home. All you have to do… is get here!

"Our small group chartered with Palau Dive Adventures and had a wonderful time remembering our past dives in this magical wonderland. Everyone was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Just the right guides for us! Thank you everyone at Palau Dive Adventures." - Dona Crowder

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