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The Belau Omal Marathon

Prepare to lace up your running shoes and be part of a spectacular tradition that celebrates both physical prowess and unity. The Belau Omal Marathon, which made its remarkable debut on June 4, 2023, marks an annual occasion that beckons all to embark on a memorable journey of determination and togetherness.

A Race for Every Aspiration:
The Belau Omal Marathon is more than just a race—it's a celebration of diverse aspirations. Whether you're an experienced marathoner or a passionate beginner, this event offers multiple categories to suit your goals:

  • Full Marathon (42.195 KM): A test of endurance, the full marathon challenges you to conquer 42.195 kilometers of Palau's picturesque landscapes.
  • Half Marathon (21.0975 KM): The half marathon combines a sense of achievement with breathtaking views, covering 21.0975 kilometers.
  • 10KM: Ideal for those seeking a substantial challenge, the 10KM route is a balanced blend of excitement and accomplishment.
  • 5KM: The 5KM race is perfect for participants of all ages and fitness levels, offering a fun and fulfilling experience.

Save the Date:
As the calendar turns to June, be sure to reserve a spot for the Belau Omal Marathon—an event that transcends physical challenges and brings people together. Join us in celebrating the human spirit, exploring Palau's beauty, and forging connections that extend far beyond the finish line. Whether you're a seasoned runner or taking your first step into the world of marathons, the Belau Omal Marathon promises an unforgettable experience that combines athletic achievement with the warmth of unity.

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