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680 Anglers Night

680 Night Market presents the "680 Anglers Night"

Join us on September 09, 2023, from 5 pm to 9 pm for an enchanting evening by the seaside at Palau's renowned 680 Anglers Night Market.

Live Entertainment: As the sun sets over the pristine waters of Palau, the Night Market comes alive with the rhythmic beats of a live band, filling the air with melodic tunes that set the perfect backdrop for an evening of excitement and entertainment.

Dazzling Dance Performances: The Night Market is known for its vibrant atmosphere, and this event takes it to the next level with captivating dance performances. Watch as talented dancers showcase both traditional and contemporary dances, providing a glimpse into Palau's rich cultural heritage.

Fishing Competition: One of the highlights of the 680 Anglers Night is the thrilling fishing competition. Whether you're an experienced angler or a beginner, this contest offers a chance to test your skills and win fantastic prizes, including high-quality fishing gear, coolers, and more. It's an opportunity to connect with fellow fishing enthusiasts and create lasting memories under the starry Palauan sky.

Culinary Delights: Explore the Seaside Samplers Station, where you can savor the ocean's bounty, including fresh seafood and delectable creations.

Transportation: If you are looking for transportation, the Palau Visitors Authority offers Taxi Service! Check in with PVA Staff at Ernguul Park. Ernguul Park to JP Bridge Airai check in time: 5pm/6pm/7pm. JP Bridge Airai to Ernguul

Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy Palauan culture, indulge in delicious seafood, and create cherished memories. Join us at the 680 Anglers Night Market - an evening of fun and entertainment by the sea!

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Event Details

Date of the Event
September 9, 2023
5:00 pm
 - 9:00 pm

Event Organizer

Kate Mad
Phone Number
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