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Palau Royal Resort

PO Box 10108
(680) 488-2000
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Stay in the luxurious Palau Royal Resort! Take your life away from the hustle-buslte of the city and lie down, stretch your body beneath the deep blue skies of Palau's rock island beauties.

Surround yourself among the cool blue waters around the hotel and enrich yourself with bright smiles of the local island people. Enjoy clean spacious guest rooms with a gorgeous view of the peaceful ocean or a relaxing harbor scene overlooking from the balcony of each rooms. Be ecstatic on the offers of Waves Restaurant and the Breeze Bar surrounded by a green garden with the freshly grown flower beds, captivating beauty of the azure sea and a private beach that will ensure your journey to be an unforgettable one. Palau Royal Resort is the perfect place to meet your vacation standards, assisting to create moments with your family, friends or even with your loved ones.

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