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Shark Week

Experience Palau's Shark Week: A Conservation-Powered Dive Adventure

Embark on a remarkable journey as we unveil Palau's Shark Week—an extraordinary annual event meticulously curated by our esteemed partners, Fish 'n Fins and the Micronesian Shark Foundation, since 2001. More than just an event, Palau's Shark Week is a celebration of marine life and an immersive exploration into the world of sharks, all while fostering conservation efforts. Let the currents guide you through a week of adventure, enlightenment, and unparalleled encounters with these magnificent oceanic rulers.

Embrace the Marvel of the Seas: Palau's Shark Week is thoughtfully synchronized with the awe-inspiring arrival of grey reef sharks for their annual mating season. A phenomenon that dances in rhythm with nature's cadence. It's a time when the underwater realm is adorned with the presence of these magnificent creatures, beckoning divers to witness their majestic courtship.

For more information regarding Shark Week dates, please visit Fish n' Fins website

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