Located on the southwest corner of Babeldaob, it has some 37 square km of land and mangrove areas.

It has low rolling hills with some rugged terrain along the west coast. Large areas of commercial agricultural development exist in Aimeliik. The famous prehistoric terraces, the largest in Palau, can be found in the village of Ngebedech. Located in Elechui Village lies Malsol’s Tomb. It is said that Malsol was a fierce warrior from a neighbouring state that was stoned to death by the women of the village for killing one of their sons. The stones were left to form his tomb. Visitors going to Aimeliik can visit Malsol’s Tomb, Elechui Village, and the Aimeliik Bai.

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Aimeliik State Sites
Phone #: 544-2967
Email: [email protected]
  No. Name of SItes Type Fees/Permits Type of Activities/Tour Protected Areas Network Sites (PAN)
1 Beluu er a Elechui Traditional Village Tourist Fees: $10.00 Local Fee: $5.00 Students Fee: FREE Land Tour Ngerderar Watershed Reserve
Protected Areas Network S(PAN) Coordinator:
Pauline Reklai
2 Beluu er   a Lmuut Traditional Village
3 Beluu er a Ngchemiangel Traditional Village
4 Oublallang er a Ngerkelalk Terrace Set
5 Oublallang er a Ngebedech Terrace Set
6 Beluu er a Ngerkeai Traditional Village
7 Elderrir a Ruchub Stone Feature
8 Debellel  a Malsol Burial
9 Roismid/Oublallang el bukl er a Imul/Bukl er a Terei Terrace Set
10 Beluu er a Ngerkeai (2nd Ngerkeai) Traditional Village
11 Roiseruong Stone feature
12 Disechir ar Turang Bathing pool
13 Iechaderngel Landmark
14 Remiang ra Medorm Sacred Tree


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