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Palau Tops MDF Japan Awards for Best Diving Area Overseas

Palau Tops MDF Japan Awards for Best Diving Area Overseas


Palau promotes scuba diving tourism at the Marine Diving Fair 2024, held from April 5 to April 7, 2024 in Tokyo, Japan. Marine Diving Fair is one of Asia’s largest Scuba Diving Expo showcasing over 70 exhibitors from agencies, professionals, destinations, and marine diving gear and services. The event provided an outstanding platform for Palau to showcase itself as a top-tier diving destination.


Palau achieved outstanding recognition at the expo, winning first place for "Best Diving Area Overseas" with Marianas (including Saipan, Tinian, and Rota) coming in second, and Maldives in third place. Additionally, Palau secured first place for "Desire to Visit Abroad for the First Time," followed by Maldives in second place and Mexico in third place. These awards were determined through a nationwide vote on the Marine Diving WEB, boasting a user base of 1.25 million.


The Palau Visitors Authority, represented by Board of Directors member Mr. Ashley Omelau, alongside State and Community Representative II Mr. Kato Katosang and Marketing Representative Ms. Janine Tewid, oversaw the Palau Visitors Authority booth in collaboration with local industry partners. Their collective efforts aim to promote Palau as a unique and captivating diving destination to one of its key markets.


With over 28,000 visitors at the event, the Palau team actively interacted with industry professionals, diving enthusiasts, and travelers, distributing over 2,000 promotional materials. The overall experience was highly positive and impactful.


The Palau Visitors Authority extends its gratitude to tourism industry partners for their continuous support and solidarity, which contributed to the success of the show. We look forward to fostering continued partnerships in the future.


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