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Alii & Welcome! Discover the heartbeat of our language with the most commonly used words

Palauan English Pronunciation
Alii Hello ah-LEE
Ungil Tutau Good morning oong-EEL-too-TAW
Ungil Chodechosong Good afternoon oong-EEL OTH-o-song
Ungil Kebesengei Good evening oong-EEL-kebba sung Ay
Dorael Let’s go do-RILE
Ke ua ngerang? How are you? ka-wannga-RANGH
Sulang Thanks soo-LAHNG
Ak merolung I am leaving(Good bye) ahk-more-oh-long
Ngtecha ngklem? What is your name? ngte-AHNG-KLEMM
A ngklek a____ My name is____ Ahng-KLEKK-a____
Ngtela a cheral? What is the price? ngtela-ah-RAHL
Choi, O’ Oi Yes OH-OY
Ng diak No Inh-dee-AHK
Mei Come! MAY
Bo momengur Have something to eat! Bo-mo-mung-OOR
Merkong! Stop, that’s enough! Murr-GONG

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