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Palau's Eco-friendly Transportation Initiative

Driving Forward: Palau's Eco-friendly Transportation Initiative


The Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) for the "Project for Establishing an Eco-friendly Transportation System" held its fourth meeting on June 19, 2024, bringing together key stakeholders from Palau and Japan. Discussions focused on aligning bus schedules with high-demand periods, improving the 680 Night Market bus information, and expanding services to enhance public transportation. The Palauan side announced the successful securing of another driver for the daytime bus, enabling an expansion of service levels.

The JICA Expert Team presented the draft master plan, including implementing the trunk line bus Master Plan and exploring electric vehicles. The meeting concluded with optimism about the project's potential to bring lifestyle changes, reduce congestion, and attract congressional support. Participants underscored the economic benefits and advocated for encouraging bus ridership as a model for sustainable public transport in Palau.

Witness our eco-friendly transportation journey! Watch the engaging PR clip created by Palau local TV station:
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