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680 Night Market Pengyou Jam Night: A Commemoration of 25 Years of Diplomatic Relations between Taiwan and Palau


Koror, Palau: On April 16, 2024, 680 Night Market hosted a joyful celebration called Pengyou Jam Night, marking 25 years of friendship between Taiwan and Palau. "Pengyou" means "Friends" in English, reflecting the bond between the two nations.

The event featured a special march by the Taiwan Navy Academy and the ROC Taiwan Friendship Fleet band, showcasing the strong ties between Taiwan and Palau. Local talent, including MVCE Music, also performed, entertaining the crowd with their music.

Attendees enjoyed a variety of food from different vendors, offering a taste of Taiwanese and local cuisine. The event brought together visitors and locals in a celebration of friendship and cultural exchange.

The event highlighted the enduring friendship between Taiwan and Palau, emphasizing the importance of cultural connections and mutual respect.

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