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Russ has been doing private charters for over 10 years. If you are a group of friends wanting to experience something unique.. Russ is your guy. He will take you to routes less taken. Tailor your tour and make the most of Palau with Russ.


"Belau is an amazing place to visit from the welcoming people, the vibrant culture, and the pristine natural beauty of it all - it is a magical island that you’ll keep dreaming about until you visit again. Russ Williams embodies the best of Belau and has always made our visits there extra special. He and his crew treated us like family and not only welcomed us aboard their ship for an unforgettable experience, but also became lifetime friends with our family.

Our daughter still talks about riding in the boat with “Uncle Russ,” and she constantly asks us when we will go back to see our friends in Belau. There are a lot of boats that can take you around to see the Rock Islands when you’re in Belau, but Russ is someone who truly takes great pride in making the experience memorable. If you’re looking for an adventure that your family will remember for the rest of your lives, visit Belau and make friends with Russ!"

- Melvin Won Pat-Borja

"I have been on Russ' boat multiple times and every trip is as just as precious as the previous one. His love for Palau's culture, history and her resources make for a more informed tour whether it's a trip to Peleliu island or stroll around the Rock Islands. Russ has a way of making you feel at home as soon as you step foot on his boat. Procedurally, safety comes first but making sure you have a fun trip is the goal. If this is your first trip to this beautiful country, a boat trip with Russ will almost secure that it won't be your last. Book with confidence."

- Ronnie Perez

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