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Palau is one of the most beautiful paradises and unspoiled travel destination located in Micronesia, approximately 850km East of the Philippines, and 1,250km Southwest of Guam. This small archipelago is made up of 26 main islands and more than 300 smaller islets, which are hooped by barrier reefs and virtually all uninhabited. The small population of Palau has approximately 21,000 people. Palau's territorial waters cover almost 630,000 square kilometers of the northern Pacific. With its scenic Rock Islands surrounded by turquoise waters and its kaleidoscopic marine life (700 coral species and 1,500 reef fishes species), Palau is a world-renowned scuba diving and snorkeling paradise.

We provide customized private charter boat and tour services. The most authentic way to experience a Palau is with a small group led by a local guide.

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