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Established in July 2000, Swings Palau Tours stands as a premier tour operator situated in the
heart of the Republic of Palau. It was founded out of a deep love for the ocean and a genuine
connection to the island culture. Over time, Swings Palau Tours has emerged as a trusted
name, a reliable and esteemed name, dedicated to delivering unparalleled and unforgettable
travel encounters. Playing a crucial role in the tourism economy of the Republic of Palau, the
company remains steadfast in its commitment to crafting extraordinary travel experiences. Our
array of services encompasses tailor-made private charter boat expeditions and personalized
tours, granting travelers the opportunity to delve into the mesmerizing Pristine Palau's islands
from a local perspective.

Company Vision:

At Swings Palau Tours, our vision is to share the beauty, culture, and natural wonders of Palau
with the world. We believe that every traveler deserves to experience the magic of our islands in
an authentic and sustainable manner.
We offer a diverse range of meticulously crafted tours that cater to various travel preferences.
From adrenaline-pumping adventure tours to immersive cultural experiences and eco-friendly
excursions, Swings Palau Tours has something for every type of traveler. Our tour packages are
thoughtfully designed to showcase the unique landscapes, rich heritage, and vibrant marine life
that Palau has to offer.

Customized Tours:

Since our inception, we have been pioneers in crafting personalized journeys that revolve
around your interests and desires. Whether you're seeking a serene snorkeling escapade, an
adrenaline-pumping fishing charter, an immersive rock island tour, or the thrill of underwater
diving, we tailor each day's itinerary to match your preferences.

Discover hidden corners and off-the-beaten-track destinations that will leave you with lasting
memories and stunning photographs. We take you beyond the typical tourist routes, allowing
you to truly experience the essence of Palau's natural beauty and cultural richness.

Comprehensive Offerings:

★ Rock Island Tours: Immerse yourself in the beauty of Palau's iconic Rock Islands, a
UNESCO World Heritage Site, through guided tours that reveal their rich history and
ecological significance.
★ Snorkel Trips: Delve into Palau's vibrant underwater world, witnessing its mesmerizing
marine life up close.
★ Fishing Charters: Embark on trolling and bottom fishing adventures to catch local
treasures while surrounded by stunning scenery.
★ Fun Diving Charters: Explore the depths of Palau's renowned dive sites with
experienced guides and certified diving professionals.
★ Land Tours: Uncover the cultural and historical gems of Palau's land-based attractions
through engaging guided tours.
★ Private Island Camping Tours: Experience the enchantment of overnight camping on
secluded islands, with breathtaking sunsets and pristine landscapes.
★ Kayak Tours: Paddle your way through Palau's crystal-clear waters, discovering hidden
coves and tranquil corners.

Our Expert Team:

The backbone of Swings Palau Tours is a dedicated team of an experienced individual who
share a profound passion for his Island heritage. Led by Mr. Swingly N. Aguon, who comes from
a deep-rooted island background, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to
ensure every tour is a remarkable and safe experience.

In the Captain's seat, of course is Mr. Aguon himself with his son, SJ Aguon by his side. Mr.
Aguon brings decades of maritime expertise, and SJ Aguon holds the distinction of being the
youngest certified Tour Guide in Palau. Both Captain and guide are trained and certified
according to Palau's regulations, with additional certifications in First Aid and CPR.

Customer Experience:

We take pride in prioritizing customer satisfaction above all else. Our personalized approach to
each tour allows us to cater to individual preferences, creating unforgettable memories for every
traveler. We encourage open communication and actively seek feedback to continually enhance
our services.

Safety and Responsibility:

Swings Palau Tours is committed to the safety and well-being of our clients. Our tours adhere to
rigorous health and safety protocols, ensuring that each adventure is both exciting and secure.
We maintain liability insurance coverage to provide peace of mind and protection for our clients
in unforeseen circumstances.

Our commitment to providing impeccable service is unwavering. We blend local knowledge,
personal attention, and safety expertise to ensure that each journey is filled with fun, adventure,
and unforgettable memories. As COVID-19 survivors, we've demonstrated resilience in the face
of challenges, making us well-equipped to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

Client Testimonials:

Swings Palau Tours proudly holds a 5-star rating on customer reviews, a testament to our
commitment to excellence. We're recognized as a top and highly sought-after operator in Palau,
a reflection of the outstanding service we provide.

"Swings Palau Tours exceeded my expectations. The snorkeling adventure was breathtaking,
and the cultural immersion was enlightening. The team's knowledge and enthusiasm made the
trip unforgettable." - Derek C, July 2023


Swings Palau Tours stands as a living testament to the fervor and devotion that drive the
exploration of Palau's hidden gems. Firmly anchored by an unyielding dedication to delivering
unparalleled experiences and a profound reverence for the environment and local culture, we
extend a heartfelt invitation to accompany us on an expedition of discovery within the Republic
of Palau.

We warmly welcome you to embark on a journey with Swings Palau Tours that transcends the
ordinary, immersing you in the realm of the extraordinary. Backed by two decades of expertise,
a genuine zeal for adventure, and an unswerving commitment to safety, we proudly stand as
your dependable companions in unveiling the marvels that grace the landscape of the Republic
of Palau

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