Ramm Dream Catcher Boats


Ramm Dream Catcher Boats offers pet friendly boat charter services that include trolling, fishing, and and dive charters.

Contact: (680) 779-5988/ (680) 779-5989

Email: [email protected]

Number of Boats: 1

Boat size: 38 footer, two 250 Yamaha Engines, fits 25 people.

Tour Menu: Rock island, diving, land tours to Peleliu, hiking/trekking, historical/cultural, fishing, eco tours, and Kayangel and Angaur Tours.

Safety Services Offered: rentable life jackets, first aid kit, radio, lights, GPS, fire extinguishers, tools & spares, boat registration/license.

Alii! (Hello!) Contact us for assistance...

(680) 779-5988/ (680) 779-5989
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