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Oni’s Boat Rental

(680) 775-3819

Keoni Blesam's boat rental offers both boat charter and tours for rock island tours.

Contact: (680) 775-3819

Email: [email protected]

Number of boats: 2

$45/person to rock island in Koror. $55/person per person to Two Dog Island and Long Beach. Lunch Bento included!

Time: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Minimum number of guests: 15 people. Maximum number of guests: 25

Boat sizes:

  • 38 footer, two 250 Yamaha engine, fits 27 people
  • 38 footer, two 250 Yamaha engine, fits 27 people

Amenities: Food bento with drinks, pet friendly

Safety Services: Life jackets, first aid kit, lights, fire extinguishers, tools & spares, documentation

Lunch Menu: BBQ set (chicken, beef, & grilled fish), rice, salad, & potato salad.

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