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We are your personalized tour specialist in Palau with wide range of unique and interesting tours. Let us customize unique excursions for you to explore and experience Palau’s culture, history, and ecology.

Taro Patch Tour
Explore Palau's CultureIncludes: drinks, light local taro specialties. Add-ons: transportation, lunch/meal
Kayak Tour
Kayak excursion along one of Palau’s longest mangrove forest channels or kayaking upstream along the Ngardmau River.Includes: drinks, light snacks. Add-ons: transportation, lunch/meal
Sunset Kayak Tour
Afternoon kayak between the rock islands and end it with spectacular view of the sunset out at sea.Includes: drinks, light snacks. Add-ons: transportation, lunch/meal
Bottom Fishing Tour
Fishing on an Open Boat Excursion in the near-shore waters of Ngardmau Bay.Includes: drinks, light snacks, fishing line & bates. Add-ons: transportation, lunch/meal
See some of Palau's most beautiful but seldom explored coral reefs with some exotic reef fish and a chance to see manta rays.
Historical Site Tour
An excursion tour to explore Ngardmau’s history and ecology. Includes: drinks, light snacks. Add-ons: transportation, lunch/meal
One Day Tour Package
Taro Patch Tour, River/Mangrove Kayak Tour, and Bottom Fishing/Snorkeling Tour all in one day. Taro cultivation and fishing are at the very heart of Palauan cultural heritage. Let us provide you with a personal glimpse of the “fish and taro culture” that has sustained our islands for generations. Let us prepare a delicious Palauan cooked meal for you with fish that you catch and taro that you harvest yourself with local fresh fruits. Includes: drinks, light snacks Add-ons: transportation, lunch/meal
For more information, please email [email protected]
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