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Medalaii, Koror, Palau
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Looking for the best dive shop in Palau?


LT Dive is a Palau diving center jointly operated by Lance (L), a seasoned diving expert from Taiwan, and Temmy (T), a local partner in Palau. We integrate professionalism with local advantages, providing comprehensive English and Chinese travel services from airport transfers, hotel stays to tour arrangements. We handle everything from food, clothing, accommodation, transportation, activities, shopping, to education, ensuring a seamless experience for you.


Our business philosophy at LT is dedicated to becoming the "trusted and favorite choice dive shop" for our customers. Our work motto revolves around "safety, professionalism, service, and sharing", offering you a reliable support when you're away from home.


LT is one of the few diving centers in Palau with its private dock, diving speedboats, and pure Nitrox tanks. We aim to provide you with the most comfortable and relaxing sea experiences. With our quality guiding team and precise diving spot predictions, each dive becomes a unique and unforgettable memory.


Welcome to join us and experience the essence of Palau with depth ❤️.

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