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HK Lucky Restaurant

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Welcome to HK Lucky Restaurant - A Taste of Hong Kong in the Heart of Koror


Located in the vibrant city of Koror, Palau, HK Lucky Restaurant opened its doors on February 2nd, offering locals and tourists alike an authentic taste of Hong Kong. Our menu features a delectable array of classic Hong Kong cuisine, including the freshest seafood, savory dim sum, and flavorful Chinese stir-fry dishes.


As part of the post-pandemic wave of international eateries making a comeback in Koror, HK Lucky Restaurant stands out with its clean, modern aesthetic and relaxing ambiance. A unique highlight of our restaurant is the live seafood display room, where diners can see the freshness of their meal firsthand through clear tanks.


Our Manager, Ms. Lam, fell in love with the beauty of Palau during a tourist visit last year. Inspired by the island's charm, she returned just four months later to bring the flavors of Hong Kong to Koror. Ms. Lam is dedicated to catering to diverse dining preferences and ensuring that all guests find portions that suit their needs.


“Sometimes, solo travelers can’t finish large portions offered at restaurants,” Ms. Lam explains. “Here, customers can order based on their needs. For example, dim sum can be ordered in smaller, affordable portions for single diners.”


HK Lucky Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner seven days a week, welcoming you to enjoy a culinary journey to Hong Kong without leaving Koror. Come and experience our commitment to freshness, quality, and personalized dining.

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