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FY Tour


FY Tour is a locally owned tour company based in Palau. We have 3 boats available for touring the Rock Islands Southern Lagoon, Peleliu, Kayangel, and off shore trolling tours.

Boat sizes:

25 footer Miyama Cabin, fits up to 7 people max

36 footer Kaika Open Boat, fits up to 25 people max

38 footer Yahama Open Boat, fits up to 30 people max.


  1. All day Rock Island Charter for 36 footer or 38 footer boats: $500 (food & drinks are not included)
  2. All day Rock Island Charter for smaller 25 footer boat: $400 (food & drinks are not included)
  3. All day Peleliu Charter: $600 for 36 footer or 38 footer, $500 for 25 footer boat. (food & drinks are not included)
  4. All day Kayangel Charter: $1,200 min for 36 or 38 footer, $800 minimum for 25 footer boat (food & drinks are not included)
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