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Four Seasons Explorer, Palau

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Journey on a luxury floating resort into the midst of Palau’s greatest marine marvels. Weave between UNESCO World Heritage Islands and breathtaking lagoons, home to harmless jellyfish and elusive mandarin fish. Dive or snorkel the astonishing reefs of Blue Corner and German Channel. Absorb fascinating history and connect with the Palauans’ love of music and deeply held value of “omengull” (respecting all and everything).

There is no more luxurious – or flexible – way to discover the magic of Palau. Four Seasons Explorer offers daily embarkations and disembarkations, with no minimum stay to accommodate every schedule. Daily changing offerings depend on the day of the week and the cruise route joined, from exploring the underwater world and sightseeing cultural hotspots by bicycle to raw adventures into the traditional soul of this tiny island nation.

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