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A Taste of Palau: Dive into a Fusion of Flavors from Land and Sea!

Taste of Palau: Small Island, Big Variety

Palau's food scene is just as vibrant and diverse as its underwater treasures. As you travel around the island, explore the wide array of tastes of Palau from the fresh seafood to the rich goods of the land. Palau has an eclectic variety of cuisines with Asian, American, European, Indian, and Middle Eastern influences. With the many offerings you get in Palau, do try the local foods! Here are some you can find in local markets, stores or in restaurants.

After a hot day exploring the beauty of Palau, cool off with a refreshing sip of Delebdeb. Known traditionally as a welcoming drink, Delebdeb is crafted from the pure essence of coconut, including its succulent juice and tender meat, offering you a truly refreshing escape.

Fish (a variety of ways)

In Palau's expansive playground, fish reigns supreme as the ultimate protein source, setting the stage for an electrifying culinary adventure. From the wild embrace of the ocean to your plate, the catch-of-the-day, sourced by skilled local fishermen, ignites a symphony of flavors. Revel in its glory as it dances across your palate in myriad forms—grilled to charred perfection, smoked to mouthwatering tenderness, and fried to a crispy crescendo, with endless possibilities awaiting your eager taste buds!


A Palauan delicacy and absolute favorite among locals, Ukaeb is made out of minced crab meat. Enveloped in the embrace of velvety coconut milk and served in individual crab shells, each bite is an enchanting blend of indulgence and tradition. (Photo by Palau Blue Productions)


The vast ocean is an important source of food in Palau. The locals' connection to the sea is profound, particularly when it comes to their love for its edible treasures. The Palauan word "Cheled" encapsulates the array of seafood you can find in Palau, caught but not yet cooked.

Some examples of Cheled include, clam, sea cucumber, mud clam, mangrove clam, white wedge clam, sea cucumber intestine, chiton (shellfish), and trochus. If you're a foodie, this is certainly something to try!


Derived from the sap of a coconut tree, artfully simmered to achieve sublime perfection, emerges a velvety elixir that transcends taste itself—a dusky symphony of coconut's smoky allure. Whether drizzled atop just-made French Toast, mingling with a cool cascade of ice cream, or elevating your morning brew as a wholesome, decadent sweetener, this creation stands as a versatile masterpiece that tantalizes every craving.


Taro, embraced as the cherished staple of choice by the locals, is ingrained in Palauan customs and cultural heritage, stretching far beyond the confines of the dining table. The intricacies of cultivating and nurturing taro are a multifaceted undertaking, an embodiment of sacred practices and sustainability. You can find various types of taro in stores and restaurants, often presented in hearty slices and can be enjoyed with fried fish.

Delul Diokang

Delul Diokang, a creation born of artisanal skill, starts with grated tapioca transformed by the gentle embrace of fire, resulting in delectable morsels kissed by a smoky essence. Each piece is meticulously crafted into bite-sized treasures that promise a symphony of delight. Echoing its smoky allure is an opulent coconut dip! Absolute perfection!


Dubbed as the national soup of Palau, symphony of green taro leaves, rich coconut milk, and (sometimes) the succulent embrace of land crab unite to create this sensory marvel. You can find this dish at local eateries or charming mom-and-pop establishments!


More of a modern take, this is one of the go-to breakfast and snack of the island. Picture this: bite-sized spheres of delight reminiscent of donut holes, yet crafted with a modern twist. Today's Tama has evolved, embracing innovative flavors like the tantalizing marriage of banana and dough, an ingenious fusion reminiscent of banana bread-meets-donut hole. Locals call it "tama tuu" (Tuu is Palauan for banana) Pair these delectable treats with a freshly brewed cup of coffee, setting the perfect rhythm for a vibrant island day ahead.


Tapioca stands as yet another beloved starch in Palau, celebrated for its remarkable versatility. Among its culinary wonders is Billum, a tapioca creation expertly shaped to nestle within your hands, then carefully enveloped in ti leaves before being tenderly steamed to golden perfection.

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