Key Elements of Comprehensive Ban on E-cigarettes

RPPL 11-27   

Prohibits the Importation, Distribution, Selling, Possession, Use of Electronic Cigarettes within the Republic of Palau.

Effective Date May 29, 2023

“E-cigarettes” means any product or product component (refill liquids, cartridges, capsules, electronic devices, or other components exclusively of use for e-cigarettes) designed to deliver nicotine and/or other chemicals to the user via an aerosol or vapor by heating a solution that a user inhales.

Any person who imports or purposefully sells or distributes to any minor (person under 21 years), or to a person who he knows will supply them to a minor, shall be imprisoned for up to 1 year or fined not more than $20,000 (USD) or both.

Any person who sells or distributes e-cigarettes, may be imprisoned for up to 1 month or fined not more than $1,000 or both.

Any traveler who voluntarily surrenders any e-cigarettes at points of entry into Palau shall not be convicted for their import.

No person shall purchase, possess, or consume an e-cigarette within Palau.

Violators may be subject to fines:

1st violation: up to $50

2nd violation: up to $200

3rd violation: up to $400

Subsequent violations: up to $500- or 24-hours incarceration

Other Reminders to Travelers:

No airline allows smoking conventional tobacco or using e-cigarettes (vaping) in flight.

[Please consider incorporating the value statement below to maintain a sincere and welcoming tone for first impressions. Feel free to improve.]

To keep our people healthy and our environment clean in a Pristine Paradise, we aim to: 

  • keep our population safe from the harm caused by using e-cigarettes or conventional cigarettes;
  • reduce promotion of e-cigarettes use to our children;
  • keep our air clean – and not expose residents or visitors to vapors from e-cigarettes and smoke from conventional cigarettes;
  • reduce plastic pollution such as that caused by discarded e-cigarettes and filters from conventional cigarettes. 
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