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PVA Representative in Australia, Ms. Caroline Potts, Visits Industry Partners in Palau

Press Release
Palau Visitors Authority
June 25, 2024

Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) Representative in Australia, Ms. Caroline Potts, Visits Industry Partners in Palau

Koror, Palau – Ms. Caroline Potts, the PVA representative in Australia from GTI Australia, visited Palau on the inaugural Palau Paradise Express flight on May 22, 2024. Her visit aimed to strengthen industry partnerships and gain insights into the tourism industry to better market Palau to the Australian market, leveraging the new direct routes from Australia to Palau.

GTI Australia, a leading marketing agency in the tourism and leisure sector, has been promoting Palau as a top destination for the Australian market. Serving as the PVA representatives in Australia since mid 2023, they have previously visited Palau to meet with industry partners and familiarize themselves with Palau's unique offerings. The partnership between PVA and GTI Australia has included coordinating familiarization trips with dive operators, journalists, and content creators from Australia, conducting training webinars, organizing media meetings, and providing media coverage support, resulting in Palau being featured in over 40 articles across Australian media networks.

During her brief visit, Ms. Potts engaged with several industry partners to enhance collaboration and generate greater interest in Palau as a premier travel destination for Australian tourists. Her discussions with local partners focused on various promotional activities and market insights, essential for tailoring marketing strategies to resonate with Australian travelers.

Ms. Potts' visit is part of PVA's broader strategy to showcase Palau's unique offerings and attract more international visitors. The Palau Visitors Authority extends its gratitude to all the partners who welcomed Ms. Potts and contributed to the success of her visit.

Industry partners in Palau interested in connecting with the Australian team and learning more about opportunities in Australia can contact Ms. Caroline Potts for further information at [email protected].

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