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Flight Schedules Update for Visiting Palau

The Republic of Palau receives most of their visitors through convenient flights from Guam, Manila, or major Asian cities. Recently, there have been a few schedule changes which travelers should take note of when making their plans to visit Palau.


Effective January 13, 2018, United Airlines is no longer operating flights UA185 and UA186 which flew Saturday nights from Guam to Koror through Yap. What once arrived at 11:01pm and departed early from Palau to Guam early Sunday morning at 12:20am as flight UA186 is now cancelled. While this means that there are only six flights from Guam per week, it is still possible to travel through Manila twice per week. United Airlines also connects to major Asian cities through these two hubs. For flight schedules and fares, please visit


On the 8th of January, 2018, Delta Airlines has ended their flights from Narita, Japan to Guam, but will continue the regularly scheduled routes from Narita to Palau or Saipan. From Narita, Delta Airlines and other major carriers connect to cities in Japan, Asia and other worldwide destinations. For flight schedules, please visit China Airlines and Korean Airlines have also serviced twice-weekly flights to Koror from Taipei, Taiwan and Seoul, South Korea respectively.


Palau has seen a variety of charter Airlines carrying passengers from South Korea, Hong Kong and Macao. However, some of these have discontinued operation, including Asian Air Company, Dynamic Airways, Mega Maldives Airlines, Mok Airlines, Thai Airways, and Trans Asia Airways. Charter flights from Asiana Airways have ceased from Seoul, South Korea, and ANA Airways flights from Japan have also stopped.


Lion Air and Japan Airlines still fly intermittent charter flights to Palau from Hong Kong and Japan Airlines respectively. While 43.2% of visitors to Palau arrive on charter flights, the discontinuation of these charter flights could bring more demand for the major carriers who have serviced Palau for many years with good parterships.


For more information about charter flights, visitor statistics or upcoming routes, please contact the Palau Visitors Authority at [email protected].

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