P.O Box 8071 Koror, PW, 96940

Our dive shop, “ Peleliu Divers,” has been operating since 1996. It is the first dive shop on the island. It is Palauan owned and operated by Godwin Sadao, one of Palau's most knowledgeable divers and boat captains, and his staff of experienced dive guides.

We have 2 fully equipped dive boats for daily dive trips, with a maximum of 8-9 divers on a boat.

The great advantage for divers and snorkelers staying at Dolphin Bay Resort is that we are so close to all the famous diving and snorkeling areas. Almost all of Palau's best known dive sites are located within a twenty-minute boat ride from our resort. For example, it takes less than 20 minutes to reach the Blue Corner and Blue Holes, about 10 minutes to travel to the German Channel and Big Drop-off, and 5 minutes to travel by boat to the Peleliu Corner, Peleliu Express, and Peleliu Drop-off.

You'll enjoy getting to the dive sites ahead of the boats from Koror, and staying longer, as well.

We practice eco-friendly diving ("look but don't touch"), with an emphasis on safety and buoyancy control. Our dive guides give a briefing before each and every dive, and we encourage divers to monitor their air consumption closely.

We also have lodging called Dolphin Bay Resort located in Peleliu. We offer many tour and exploration opportunities. Come aboard our boat for scuba diving and snorkeling, and other exciting tours. We provide scuba diving & snorkeling tours, fishing, Rock Island tour, Peleliu Island tour, Anguar Island tour & Jellyfish Lake tour.

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