Phone Number: 775-7502

Malakal, Koror

Ultimate SUP Experience

palau sup palau sup
palau sup palau sup
palau sup palau sup

Experience SUP Tour - Introduction about how to use a SUP Board
Included: Transportation, camera

Blue Cave Tour - Airai sites of caves and WWII Relics
Included: Drink, transportation, camera

Ulong Tour - SUP in the island of Ulong, snorkeling, sand bar
Included: Drinks, meals, tarnsportation, camera

Sunset Tour - Malakal Point to enjoy a Palauan sunset
Included: Transportation, camear

Milky Way Tour / Halfday - Mud packs of silky white sand
Included: Drinks, transportation, camera

Rock Island or Sandbar and Milky Way - SUP, snorkeling, Milky Way
Included: Drinks, meals, transportation, camera

A variety of Stand-up Paddling Tours

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