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Palau’s 16 States

Palau is an archipelago of diverse terrain, flora and fauna. There is the largest island of volcanic origin, called Babeldaob, the outer atoll and limestone islands, the Southern Lagoon and islands of Koror, and the Southwest Islands, which are located about 300-450km southwest of Palau.

These regions are divided into sixteen states, each with their own distinct features and attractions.

Transportation to these states is mainly by road, boat, or small aircraft. Koror is a group of islands connected by bridges and causeways, and is joined to Babeldaob Island by the Japan-Palau Friendship Bridge. Once in Babeldaob, driving the circumference of the highway can be done in a half day or full day, depending on the number of stops you would like.

The outer islands of Angaur and Peleliu are at the south portion of the archipelago, and are accessible by small aircraft or boat, and there is a regularly scheduled state ferry that stops at both islands. Kayangel, to the north of Babeldaob, can also be visited by boat or helicopter.

The Southwest Islands, due to their remote location, are only accessible by large ocean-going vessels, but are a glimpse into Palau’s simplicity and beauty.

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