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Ngiwal has unique legends and sights that are part of its history, such as the famous “Basket of Taro for Iluochel” (Sualel a Iluochel), the sunken village of Ngibtal-where the old stone platforms are still visible under the sea, and the amazing Bird Nest made of stones called “The Nest of the Morning Bird”.

Visitors can see the statue of the legendary warrior Ngirngemelas, the main feature in the center of Ngirngemelas Square. Legend has it that the people of Ngiwal were big eaters, eating about 7 meals and 9 soups per day. Today the phrase “7-eat 9-soup” is a common phrase, and one of the favourites is the pumpkin with coconut milk soup of Ngiwal, known as “subliwal”. Also in Ngiwal, a boat ride through the mangrove channels at high tide leads to a stunning waterfall hike.

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Ngiwal State Sites & Fees
Phone #: 679-2967
E-mail: [email protected]
Name of Sites Fees/Permits Types of Activities/Tour Protected Area Network(PAN)
Historical & Cultural Sites: NO FEES FOR ALL SITES & ACTIVITIES Oseleksol

PAN Coordinator:
Lorraine Kloulubak

Phone #: 679-1000

Beluu er a Ngercheluuk (Traditional village)
Beluu er a Ngermechau (Traditional village)
Beluu er a Ngersngai (Traditional village)
Kuei/Bukl er a Kuei (Kuei Terrace)
Bai er a Olilai
Bai Platform (Bai stone platform)
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