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Ngatpang is situated on Ngeremeduu Bay, a UNESCO biosphere reserve that comprises of terrestrial, marine and coastal ecosystems.

Wildlife includes mangrove crabs, freshwater eels, water snakes, and crocodiles. There are new aqua and agricultural farms in this state, and it is a great place to visit for hiking and kayaking. Ngatpang also has a waterfall, ancient terraced hills, stone monoliths and pathways, and 2 Japanese shrines. Traditionally this was the pottery making center of Palau because of the excellent natural clay.

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Ngatpang State Sites & Fees
Phone#: 535-2967/2968
E-mail: [email protected]
Name of Sites Fees/Permits Type of Activities/Tour Protected Area Network(PAN)
Tabecheding Waterfall $5.00 per person/ per day for all sites on land Land Tour
Japanese Shrine
Historical & Cultural Sites:
Ngerbadelmangel (Stone feature)
Beluu er a Ngimis (Traditional Village)
Ngersois (Bathing Pool)
Beluu er a Ngerdubech (Traditional village)
Beluu er a Ngermelkii (Traditional village)
Beluu er a Ngermedangeb (Trditional village)
Iliud er a Ngeruchob (Stone platform)
Iliud er a Ikerbeluu (Stone platform)
Sidang Sireib (Historic Remain WWII)
Kokusai (Historic Remain Japanese Admin.)
Ngerasech (Historic Remain Japanese Admin.)
Oublallang el Bukl er a Ked er a Ngerbuuch (Terraces)
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