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The largest land mass of Palau’s archipelago, this state covers about 109 square kilometers of Babeldaob.

It has the longest river in Palau called Ngermeskang River. Ngeremeduu Bay, a breeding area for marine life which is now a protected area, borders the state. The Ngermeskang Bird Sanctuary is an area with high bird species richness, and you can walk through forests to view an amazing 30 resident species. Ngeremlengui is also famous for their sea cucumber, a delicacy which Palauans enjoy eating raw.

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Ngaremlengui State Sites & Fees
Phone #: 733-2967
E-mail: [email protected]
Name of Sites Fees/Permits Type of Activities/Tour Protected Area Network(PAN)
Historical &Cultural Sites: $5.00 per person/ per day Sight-seeing Ngermeskang Bird Sanctuary

PAN Coordinator:
Witness Elbelau

Phone #: 733-2000

Bleuu er a Uluang
Beluu er a Imeong
Diong er a Imeched
Uchul a Rebong
Bai er a Ibangellei
Olekull er a Ruchel
II er a Ngerbesek (Milad’s Cave)
Hodai (Coastal Defense Guns)
Beluu er a Ngesisech
Oublallang(Terrace set w/ monoliths)
Roisebeluu (Traditional village)
Chilong/Ilong (monolith & Stone face)
Olbatel Terrace Set
$5.00 per person/ per day
$10.00 per person/per day
Water Activities (Kayaking & Surfing)
Diving & Surfing
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