Located at the northern tip of Babeldaob Island, Ngarchelong extends north from the narrowest part.

It is covered with mostly grass and low vegetation. Popular for an impressive archaeological site called Badrulchau, the stone monoliths cover an area of five acres with scattered stones and carved faces. Badrulchau is considered Palau’s premier archaeological site which dates as far back as A.D. 161. This state is also abundant in marine life such as giant clams and sea cucumbers, and at the reefs and channels, there are more fish than you can count.

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Ngarchelong State Site
Phone #: 855-2967/488-2871
Email: [email protected]
No. Name of Sites Type Fee/Permit Type of Activities/Tour PAN SITES
1. Badrulchau, Ngerulechau Stone Feature Land Tour:
$5.00 tourist
$2.00 localDiving and Snorkeling:
$15.00  valid 5 daysFilming: $25.00 per group (non commercial only)Fishing: $20.00 per person
$50.00 1 day

Tour guide:
$10.00 per day
$8.00 (Optional)

Land Tour

Diving and Snorkeling

Filming(non-commercial only)



Tour Guide
Lunch (order in advance;optional)

Ebiil Channel
Pan coordinator: Darwin Mista
2. Euatel er a Ngerbau Forsteresse
3. Bai er a Mengellang Bai/Stone Platform
4. Btelul a Chang er a Ngerbau Dock
5. Oreor el Bad, Mengellang Stone Platform
6. Beluu er a Ngermetong Traditional Village
7. Tet el Bad, Ollei Stone Sarcophagus
8. Bisecherad, Mengellang Terraces
9. Todai er a Eleos (taem er a siabal) Historic Remains WWII
10. Beluu er a Ngriil Traditional Village
11. Kukau el Bad Monoliths
12. Diong er a Teluat me a Cheldeklel a Rael Pool, Stone Path
13. Beluu er a Kiok Traditional Village
14. Medong Stone Feature
15. Mesei er a Ngerkei Taro Patch
16. Rael er a Risong Traditional Path


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