Koror is the state comprising the main commercial centre of the Republic of Palau.

It consists of several islands, the most prominent being Koror Island (also Oreor Island).

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Koror State Site
Phone #: 488-2439/8738
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://palaugov.pw/koror/
No. Name of Sites Type Fees/Permits Type of Activities/Tour Protected Areas Network (PAN)
1 Rois Remdiu, Ngeruktabel Lighthouse Rock Island Tour: $ 100.00 (incl. Jellyfish Lake)

Rock Island Tour: $50.00

Photography/Movie(commercial use): $50.00

Non-Commercial Fishing: $50.00 per month

Non-Commercial Fishing W/ Fishing gears: $20.00 mo. $200 annually

Live aboards: $1000.00 impact fee 5-10 cabins

$2000.00 impact fee
$2000.00 for vessels with 11-30 cabins

Cruising Yachts fees:
$10.00/mo. 16ft.to 23 ft.
$20.00/mo. 23ft to 14 ft.
$40.00/ mo. 40ft to 65ft.
$80.00/mo. 65+ ft.

1.Rock Island Tour incl. Jellyfish Lake

2.Rock Island Tour only

3. Photography / movies( commercial use only)

4. Non-commercial fishing

5. non commercial fishing w/ fishing gears


7. Cruising Yachts

Southern Lagoon Ngerukeuid and Ngerumekaol
2 Blil a chelid er  a Siabal, Ngermid Historic Remain admin.
3 Bad er a Ngermelei, Ngermid Stone Feature
4 Ngesechelel a Skokie r a Siabal Historic Remain Admin.
5 Beluu er a Rois, Ngemelis Rock Island Traditional Village
6 Ii er a Rois, Ngemelis Cave
7 Beluu er a Ulong, Ulong Is. Rock Island Traditional Village
8 Ii er a Ulong, Llecheklel Orachel Pictograph Cave
9 Mariar, Ngeruktabel Rock Island Traditional Village
10 Beluu er a Metukeruikull Rock Island Traditional Village
11 Oublallang er a Roiskebesang, Ngerkebesang Terrace Set
12 Diong er a Ngeterur, Ngerbeched Bathing Pool
13 Bekeu Rebodel/ Klikl er a Bekeu Rebodel, Ngerbodel Stone Feature
14 Odesongel er a Ngerketiit, Ngerielb Stone Platform
15 Blil a Boes er a mekemad/ WWII, Omdeuachel Malakal Bunker
16 Kingellel a Bilung, Uchul a Rois Melachel, Ngemelachel Stone Platform
17 Tekeok-Imid, Ngermid Stone Platform
18 Ii er a Omis/ Omis Rock island Ngermid Cave
19 Beluu er a Ngeremdiu, Ngeruktabel Rock Island Traditional Village
20 Rael er a Siabal, Roisremiu Todai, Ngeremdiu Historic Remain Admin
21 Japanese Water Pump Station Historic Remain Admin
22 Beluu er a Ngemelis Rock Island Traditional Village
23 Beluu er a Ngeanges Rock Island Traditional Village


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