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Kayangel Islands

At approximately 1.78 square kilometers, Kayangel is Palau’s only true coral atoll with untouched beaches and reefs that surround the island and about 40 kilometers away from the tip of Babeldaob.

The waters around this atoll are a favourite spot for fishermen to troll, and the land is rich with a lot of different species of bananas which Kayangel is known for.

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Kayangel State Site
Phone #: (680) 876-2967
Email: [email protected]
NO. Name of Sites Type Fees/Permits Type of Activities/Tour Protected Areas Network (PAN)
1. Bai er a Ngerbesang Bai/Stone Platform Fishing:
$15.00 valid 1 month
$150.00 valid 1 yearSwimming/ Snorkeling / Sight Seeing: $8.00 valid 1 month; $80.00 valid one yearPhotography/ Suba Diving: $20.00 valid 1 month
$200 valid 1 yearConservation area entry:
$15.00 one time entry 1 mo. $150 valid 1 year

Swimming & Snorkeling


Professional / Commercial Photography

Scuba Diving

Ngeruangel Marine Reserve: Jennifer Ngual
2. Meduu el Bai, Ngerdilong Bai.Stone Platform
3. Diong er a Orukei Bathing Pool
4. Diong er a Olekang Bathing Pool
5. Bai er a Ngerurou Bai/Stone Platform
6. Diong er a Dokou Bathing Pool
7. Mlil a Renguuldebuul,Ullebongel Stone Features
8. Diong er a Ermang Bathing Pool
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