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An island of beauty and history, Angaur is located southwest of Peleliu outside of Palau’s fringe reef.

Some of the most spectacular blowholes crash on the rough shorelines. The beaches are known for clean white sand and cool. fresh air. History includes old phosphate mines and Uab, the giant who formed the Palau archipelago, came from Angaur. There are also World War II relics, an old German lighthouse, shrines, and some stone platforms. Angaur’s traditional first childbirth ceremonies are unique as the mothers climb a platform. Diving in Angaur is also spectacular with its steep drop-offs and abundant sea life.

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Angaur State Sites
Phone #: (680) 277-2967
Email: [email protected]
No. Name of Sites Type Fees/Permits Type of Activities/Tour Protected Areas Network Sites (PAN)
1 Metukelianges/Melech WWII, Ngebeanged Historic Remain WWII $50.00 per day/maximum 4 people
Diving Snorkeling
Underwater Photography
Live aboard
2 Ngelong, Rois Traditional Village
3 Olsechall er a Ruchel, Ngebeanged Stone Platform
4 Olekull, Ngermasech Historic Remain (German Administration)
5 Diong er a Ngedloch, Ngermasech Bathing Pool
6 Phosphate Drying Plant, Rois Historic Remain
7 Beluu er a Ngetelkou, Ngebeanged Traditional Village
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