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PVA assists with Marketing Material for Angaur State

Press Release – Palau Visitors Authority

June 24, 2021

PVA assists with Marketing Material for Angaur State

Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) takes next steps to assist Angaur State, who is part of PVA’s Alii Pass program, with developing marketing material.

The Alii Pass program was set in motion by PVA in 2019 where Airai was the first state to join the program. Since 2019, five more states have joined the program: Ngarchelong, Angaur, Melekeok, Ngchesar and Kayangel.

The program targets to assist the planning and development of enhancing and marketing state attractions and preserving cultural treasures. The program’s primary objectives are to extend tourism to other states and to create a one time pass for visitors to visit multiple sites at an attractive cost.

PVA has developed marketing material for Airai and Ngarchelong state and continues to plan for new material for other states in the program. PVA will also be working closely with Angaur these next months to help train their staff to get them adept with social media and other things pertaining to digital marketing.

In addition to these, PVA stands ready to provide customer service programs to interested state governments and in partnership with the Bureau of Tourism, will be reaching out to all state governments to conduct training and certification of all state government leadership, employees and community members who are directly involved in catering to tourists on the Safe For You Pandemic Certification Program.

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