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Kayaking In Palau


Palau was made for kayaking, where paddlers can make their way into any one of hundreds of deserted bays and lagoons with perfectly unspoiled scenery, impeccable preserved reefs and coves, and only the swirling sound of the paddles breaking through the turquoise surface. Palau is probably the best place in the world for nature-loving kayakers to take day trips or excursions of several days.

The same serenity of nature’s pure embrace, through protected mangrove forests, is a twisting labyrinth of life set on a mirrored sheet of water.  High in the tops of the canopies, fruit bats sleep.  Channels take you to deltas of white sand set on top of the rich mangrove mud.  You will also find land crabs, monitor lizards, and the amazing amphibious mudskipper fish.

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