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Historic Sites In Palau – Babeldaob Tour


Completed less than ten years ago, Palau’s Compact Road encompasses Babeldaob Island, opening up opportunities to visit sites of cultural/historic importance, such as the Badrulchau (Stone Monoliths), Japanese lighthouse, stone paths, stone faces and stone platforms. Just one hour south near Koror to Ngarchelong in the north, the highway runs through forest and savannah. One exciting feature of the highway is the experience of both the east and west coasts of Babeldaob with stops at markets for local food and refreshments. There are several rental car companies in Palau and many tour operators offer land tours in the various states. 

For those who want to get off their feet for exploration, Palau offers a jungle river boat cruise, where soft adventurers will cruise along the calm river to an ancient Palauan village and historical site.  Along the way, discover the abundance of beautiful flora and fauna of Palau, spot the birds and even catch glimpses of the crocodiles.  This adventure is most suitable for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts and an excellent opportunity for photographers to capture the wildlife along the river where the mangroves are nature’s nursery.

Opened in 2006, Palau’s capital buildings are located in Melekeok State in an area locally known as Ngerulmud. Only a short distance from the main highway, the hilltop location offers panoramic views of the eastern coastline.

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