L'Amarena Gelato Shop


L'Amarena is a Gelato Shop that brings the tradition of the artisanal Italian Ice Cream (gelato) in Koror, Palau.

We are open everyday from 8AM-6PM, and closed on Sundays.

Delivery Available up to 2 PM: To order or info

Tel: (680) 488-4158 / 778-9155

Email: [email protected]mail.com

Facebook: Message to L'Amarena Gelato Shop

WhatsApp: +680 778 9155

Services & Products offered

Gelato prepared fresh daily with healthy high quality ingredients. Many flavors are made with typical palauan fruits and ingredients by Italian chefs with a great expertise and creativity in artisanal gelato.



Alii! (Hello!) Contact us for assistance...

Stefano Tansella
680 778 9155
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